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Screen rooms are beautiful and carry many benefits which make life more enjoyable. Low maintenance, child and K-9 safe, Screen-rooms are an added sanctuary all families deserve. If you have been thinking about building a screen-room we will make the designing, implementation, and construction of your screen-room a reality. All past customers have been very happy and delighted when we finished building their screen-rooms.  Nothing compares to a custom-designed screen-room on a hot summer's day! Read below to see what Elevation Renovation has to offer in style, design, planning, and benefits. Building a screen room goes hand in hand with your deck so find yourself a great deck contractor.

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Screen rooms and gardening

Screen rooms and gardening is a luxury, either way, you look at it. Nothing like waking up to going out to your garden within your screen room living area and picking fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruit. Once you have a screen room luxury in your home you'll wonder why you didn't build one before. You stop bugs from attacking you and your plants which makes a happier you and a healthier plant. Screen room gardens are like a greenhouse but you can enjoy patio furniture living space while gardening at the same time. Most dream about luxury and Elevation renovations makes it possible with free estimates, design, and functionality. You only live once so contact us to see how we can help you!

Screen rooms and BBQS

Family BBQs are what most families do seven days a week during the nice weather. Screen rooms allow you to extend your outdoor enjoyments later into the fall and start earlier in later winter when you are eager to get out and relax. All screen rooms have options to have skylights incorporated within the ceiling for added light and warmth. The designs are endless but we are here to help you with estimates, materials, design, and completion so you can get out there and start enjoying more of what's important to you.

Screen room Benefits

Screen room benefits include; indoor gardening, BBQs, and relaxation with bug control. Keeping shade and a mix of the sun within your screen room is great for the hot summer days. Not only do they provide protection from the outdoor elements but you also get to enjoy being outdoors. They are beautiful as well incorporating wood, aluminum, or composite materials. Screen rooms also add a lot of value to your home as your screen room adds to your living space. We can even build second-story enclosed structures as well as detached pergola screen rooms. The possibilities are endless, that's why we are here to help you with the estimate, design and finished product.

Screen Room Warranty

Screen room warranty is great as you have the rest and peace of mind that we back our build and products. We offer a 10-year structural warranty and a 1-year installation warranty. Plain and simple we back are craftsmanship and design! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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