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10 Do It Yourself Tips  

10 Do It Yourself Tips that will improve your home value and comfort.

    Everyone knows a little DIY home improvement goes a long way these days. With these simple DIY tips you can improve your comfort, home value, and appeal on a weekend. It will take a low investment of materials and time, I'm sure you'll impress yourself on how easy it was to change a few things with your handy DIY. During your initial consultation and estimate, Elevation Renovations will give many tips pertaining to your circumstances on improvements and recommendations that will help you along the way. Without further ado, we will start with number 10 on the list. 


     If your home is pre-2000's your lighting might be outdated. Changing your lighting and fixtures is relatively easy. Going from the whole house to one room at a time depending on budget and time restraints. If you look around your home and think you need to do all the lighting start with the places you hang out the most. No need to do the closet lighting first when you hang out in the living room the most. Follow these simple steps and it could be a matter of minutes for a transformation. During your consultation, we can recommend lighting and theme for your future renovated space.

    The lightboxes in your ceiling are all the same size, and it’s always the same three wires being connected/disconnected. ​The great part about changing light fixtures is that it’s a pretty universal process. No need to research your particular situation other than making sure the size of the fixture itself fits okay in the receptacle box in the ceiling! In general, you can go out and buy any light fixture, and put it up in your home where any light fixture already exists. (The exclusion being ceiling fans; those have an extra wire are a 2 pole wiring. Generally, you want to install a new ceiling fan where there already was one.) 2 pole wiring, (red and black) are used for wall switched speeds. In other words, you would pull a string or chord on the ceiling fan itself for speeds.

before after lighting.jpg

Painting Cabinets, Trim, and Walls

     To really spruce up your kitchen or any cabinetry, painting them changes the look completely. This is another easy and inexpensive way to dazzle guests or just to freshen up an area. There are other options also than just paint cabinets that are cost-effective. Refacing cabinets in a skin-like covering is relatively a new technique or improvement that's gaining traction with some homeowners. There are 2 ways to paint a cabinet door, spray or roll. Rolling your paint on might leave brush marks so professional painters will spray cabinets for a smooth machined finish. If your going for the rustic look then a good coat of chalk paint with a brush will be good. Elevation Renovations is skilled with ample experience in painting and finishes. If you are hesitant to paint your cabinets but want a certain look then Elevation Renovations can give you that Restoration Hardware finish. 

Kitchen Cabinets.jpg

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

      This is another easy thing to do that is inexpensive. All you need is a drill, pencil, and screwdriver. Pick your hardware out first and count what you need for handles and knobs. You might have to be a little handier to pull this off. The trick is making sure your drill bit is the right size for the screw and before you drill, mark and line up where the holes will be drilled. Elevation Renovations Has skilled certified craftsman to tackle small jobs like this. Painting cabinets, changing hardware, and paint will completely change the space into something beautiful. 

Cabinet Hardware.jpg

Electrical Covers

     No one thinks about electrical covers. Your simple white plastic electrical covers can make due. But to really add elegance to space just replacing the covers for lights and plugs makes a huge difference. All you need is a screw driver and a little time to install the covers. Grab a notebook and walk through your house to right sown the number of covers you need. For a couple of hundred dollars, you could do a whole house from blah to gorgeous. With Elevation Renovations these are the little secrets we pay attention to from start to finish of your new space, it's all in the details.

light cover.jpg
light cover2.jpg

Curb Appeal

     Curb appeal reflects first impressions selling your home or for your incoming guests. The first place to start would be to paint your front entry door. Your front entry door is the focal point of any onlooker. It's best to choose bold and interesting colors that will give a "wow" factor of something elegant or a bold statement. Door replacement is always something to consider if the door is too dated. Don't be scared of color as the entry door on a lot of homes shows position and statement.

     Power washing the siding of your home also refreshes the look. Always cautious when using a power washer as it could strip paint from siding and objects. We can weigh the pros and cons of each idea you can envision during your consultation. Power washing sidewalks and walkways also help curb appeal. There are so many options and things you can do for curb appeal. Best to start with a list of todo's then prioritize them and do one thing at a time.


Weather Proofing

     Weatherstripping is not necessarily for visible cosmetics but I'll add it to the list as it is important. Most older homes can be drafty, to say the least. The weatherstripping on your doors, windows, attic hatch, and garage door breaks down over time. What we do is take a BBQ lighter and hold it close to the weather stripping but not burn it with the door closed. If there is a draft or air leaking you see the flame wicker and dance. The draft is an easy sign you are in need of new weather stripping. Check all windows and entryways like this and write a list of each weather stripping piece you'll need to do your whole house. High-efficiency homes go through an extensive testing process with special equipment. Once the test is done you'll have a list of deficiencies needed to make your home high efficient. Elevation Renovations has qualified tools and trades which can help you identify these deficiencies so you can apply for a highly efficient home with your local municipality. Following your home, you will get a high efficient score from 1-100. This score is then used for insurance and municipal records and even large discounts with them and tax write-offs. This is a whole other topic but if this is something you're interested in we can guide you to a more efficient home.


General Home Maintenance

     General home maintenance should be on everyone's list. Yes, I know it is hard sometimes to keep up on the things that need to be done around the house. You have a "to do" list and it might be seasonal. Best to do one thing at a time. Just like you, I have to make time to do these tasks when I have time and energy. Maybe focus on one or 2 things a week that's on your list. Before you know it you'll be all caught up and needing something else to fill your time with. If something comes up it won't be such a burden to tackle the large "to do" list. Even de-cluttering is classified as maintenance.


Cleaning Your Tile

     Cleaning your tile, grout, and re-caulking your fixtures. Most think a mop will clean tile properly but it's the grout that soaks up the dirt and grime embedded deep down from traffic. Plus the chemicals you use on your tile strips the sealer over time. Water and mud work their way down and discolors the grout. Old caulking around the shower, sinks, and tub creases let water penetrate underneath the tile and behind hidden surfaces causing other problems that are extensive to repair. There are products that clean grout at any home hardware store which penetrate deep down to pull that dirt and oils out. All bathrooms, kitchens, front entryways, and rear entryways should be re-caulked once every 6 months or at least inspected for caulking deterioration. Once you remove the caulking and clean the tile the best you can it's time to use products that pull out the oils and dirt. Next, you want to re-seal the grout. Once you seal the grout properly then you want to re-caulk as needed. Less is more when it comes to caulking. Caulking makes a mess if you aren't experienced in using the product daily. If you think you need further consultations Elevation Renovations can assess actions if needed to re-mediate future damages to save you heartaches.

Trim And Finishing

     Trim and finishing can and will improve any space's ambiance. Have you ever walked into someone's house and have that "wow" factor over a kitchen, window, and door fixings/ crown moldings, etc. To start with the best place for finishing would be the kitchen then windows and doors. You can simply add a cabinet riser with additional moldings for a couple of hundred dollars.  

     Kitchen crown moldings make a lasting impact. You will have to be a little handy to pull this off but you can do it. Take your measurements as needed, source your materials, and paint/finish. measure twice cut once. A 90-degree angle takes 2 @ 45-degree cuts to make. A 45-degree corner cabinet takes 2 @ 22.5-degree cuts to make. Elevation renovations can help you with all your trim and finishing ideas. Look at the photo to see the difference.

Built-ins and Storage

     Who doesn't like storage spaces? Great place to hide seasonal and stuff you can't let go of. Built-ins add depth, storage, and a place to hang your coat. Built-ins can be very beautiful if done well. If you don't want to pay for a built-in or don't see one fitting into your home you could always sort your stuff or build shelves within your current storage room or closets to fit more stuff strategically. Built-ins are a little more than a handy job. Sure you could build one and it might look OK or even good if you have the right tools. If you decide to DIY a built-in then best to source a photo from Pinterest and copy it as best as you can. At elevation renovations, we have the best shop tools that the best cabinet makers only dream of. With over 22 years of carpentry experience, Elevation Renovations has a fine eye for detail and will make sure your project ideas are within the quoted price. We will give you exactly what you want with no cut and dry take it or leave it notion. Elevation Renovations we take your concepts and turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today with your ideas and let's create your space together.

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