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Featured Walls And Coffered Ceilings

Featured Walls

     Feature Walls come in many shapes and styles. Featured walls are also referenced to as "accent walls." Adding a beautiful featured wall in any space will set your home apart and make your space extremely cozy. Finding ideas and materials for a featured wall can be daunting as the materials can be special or hard to find. Elevations Renovations always has a fresh supply of featured wall materials. Looking for up-cycled barn wood? Tongue and groove pine? What about pallet wood or a sleek lighting feature?


Wall selection

     So you have decided you wanted a featured wall. You've found pictures and ideas online and now you are going to hire someone to deliver you a finished product or you going to DIY it yourself. Wall selection is important as you'll probably only do one wall in your home. The end of a hallway is always a great place maybe. What about in your en-suite? Are you making the right choice? Keep reading for a few tips.


accent wall.jpg
coffered ceiling featured wall.jpg

Why Feature a Wall?

     The apparent reason for showcasing one or more walls in your home is to add a creative element. Accent walls separate a plain room into a cozy individualized space within your home. You can separate a dining room within a living space or accent a games room wall then decorate the area to uplift that living space. Your front entrance would transform your space into a heart warming welcome to your family and friends. Setting the tone in your en-suite in the mornings and in the evenings where you can soak in the tub with candles after a long day on your feet. Adding style and contrast to any living space to liven up an area and present personality your way.  

accent lighting.jpg

Accent Wall Tips

bar wall lighing.jpg

     Highlight an existing focal point of your desired room of choice. The wall should complement the rest of the room. Bold and in your face might be too much for some rooms. Subtle with smooth accents might be better then a rustic pallet wood accent wall. Think twice about putting a accent wall in an already crowded room. Already crowded room will be to busy for the eyes and will overwhelm the onlooker. If your having troubles contact Elevation Renovations and we will help in wall choice and materials during your free consultation. 

Coffered Ceiling Lights

     Coffered ceiling lighting is the cherry on the cake. Accent lighting really sets the wall apart from everything else. The lighting draws the eye to the wall and showcases the beauty of the materials and design. Choosing the right lighting can be tough. Do you want to just show the wall off or is the lighting to illuminate the area to compliment your main living space? Pot lights are nice as are pendent lights but maybe LED strip lighting is best? When choosing your feature wall materials always keep in mind the lighting to be installed during or future tense. 

coffered ceiling.jpg
one tier ceiling.jpg

Accent Walls and Coffered Ceilings

     Accent walls and Coffered ceilings go hand-in hand. To real get the best of your desired living space doing both will set your room apart from anything else around. Building a one tier drop ceiling with lighting will set an ambiance which can not be matched. If you have the extra budget or would love to find out more contact us and we can give you a free in home consultation. During you consultation we can show you ideas and cost so you can decide if these luxuries are right for you.

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