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     Your local Deck Builder

We are a premium Calgary deck builder from deck design to installation and completion. The cost to build a deck from composite decking, vinyl decking to Pressure treated decking boards vary greatly. Before diving headfirst into your deck or patio project know the differences in materials. Below I'll go over a few differences to help you decide on materials for your next quote. We offer Spiral stairs and wood landing stairs. As your local professional deck contractor, we have tradesman with over 30-years of experience. There are many types of decking materials from tons of wood species to lots of composite decking materials. They all have pros and cons depending on what your after and budget.  Below you'll see two photos of before and after of one of many decks we have completed. You'll see we can do whatever your heart desires. We serve Calgary, Okotoks, and surrounding towns. Pick the elements within this deck photo.

Deck before
IMG_3880 (1).jpg

Decking boards 5/4 x 6" P.T Brown

First on the list would be select 5/4 decking boards brown. 5/4 is 5 @ 1/4" so 1 1/4 inches thick by 5 1/2 inches. Brown refers to sienna coloring. Brown decking boards look great as this color is the new replacement for green. Saying this we have to remember it's still pressure-treated material and will have to be painted sooner than later to preserve your investment. The select is the most common decking board on the market. Great value compared to other decking materials. If your installer doesn't fasten these boards properly they can twist, crack or warp easier than other decking options. The reason for the possible warp crack twist is the thickness. It's just enough material to cover your deck and look good but this is your standard deck covering.

Decking Board 1x6 P.T Brown.jpg

2 x 6 Brown/Seinna Pressure treated

2 x 6 brown/Seinna P.T is an upgrade from your 5/4 decking boards. Heavy-duty decking, strong and durable. 2 x 6 decking is beautiful as it tends to stay straighter than your 5/4 decking down the road. The thickness of the 2 x 6 P.T decking Looks more high-end and besides being heavier than your 5/4 decking boards we find it easier to work with off the fresh lift of lumber. The price point is higher in cost than your 5/4 P.T decking but you get what you pay for.

2 x 6 Brown-Seinna P.T decking.jpg

Econodek Vinyl   

Vinyl decking is great for waterproofing underneath a second-story deck. It comes in many shapes and styles. Installation is seasonal as the glues will not set in cold temperatures or if it's too hot the glue will not harden. Some vinyl uses cold temp adhesives but it's only good down to 5c min. Hot summer days around 28c and up it's not advisable to set your vinyl down at all. The standard thicknesses of vinyl decking are 45mil and 60mil. Some manufacturers vary from this standard, producing vinyl that is as thick as 68mil and 80mil. Thicker doesn't mean better. The hard surface is prepared with 5/8 good one-sided plywood. Your flashing along the house is installed and the perimeter of the deck with drip edge flashing. Waterproofing with vinyl is great when you use the area under your deck as well. Ask us about your options before deciding on your decking surface.

vinyl decking.jpg

Canyon Grey 60mm Vinyl decking

vinyl stairs.jpg

Deck Handrails Calgary Okotoks

Decking handrails come in many different styles and options. The most popular deck railings are aluminum, glass, and wood or a combination of these railing materials. Your professional deck installer will know the different options and price points. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of each railing system. If these railing systems are installed correctly they won't just be beautiful but last for the life of the deck.

Aluminum Handrail

Aluminum handrail comes in many colors and a handful of designs. The aluminum handrail is the most common deck railing due to cost, look, and functionality. Custom color match is only done with are professional painters using special equipment. Aluminum post can protrude through the top railing or you can have a continuous top rail. Post spacing is between 6-8ft depending on the code of your deck build. Lag bolts fasten the post down to make them secure. Caulking is used on the bolts if they are being fastened to a dry deck aka vinyl. Aluminum handrails are low maintenance which most loves while others want more custom details which brings us to glass railing and wood railings.

Aluminum handrail deck.png
Okotoks deck railing.jpg

Glass handrail Deck

Glass railing is beautiful for transparency. Glass railing is similar to the aluminum railing in that the top railing, bottom deck railing, and post are aluminum. essentially you are replacing the pickets of the aluminum handrail with glass. The glass in the handrail can come in many different hues and a few patterns. These patterns and hues do complement certain homes in style and design. There are column upgrades that add even more beauty to your outdoor living space within the railing which are color-matched to your home. The price point is higher than the aluminum railing as the glass is tempered for safety. Finding the right general contractor to properly install your glass railing is key to a lifetime of worry-free decks.

glass railing.png
Glass and aluminum railing Deck.jpg

Aluminum and wood Handrails

Wood and aluminum handrail mix the best of both materials into one beautiful design. With the wood railing and post we can custom paint and match to the home or build something completely unique that will "whoa" your neighbors, family and guess's. We can use any type of wood for the railings for very different finishes. The spindle designs are endless and we can design your deck railings till you're amazed by all the ideas we can brainstorm. We will build whatever you want and estimates are detailed and accurate so you can compare your idea costs to make a decision. See below what a few of our clients have decided, and the outcome of the finished deck handrails.

Column post and aluminum handrailing dec
wood and aluminum deck railing.jpg
wood and aluminum railing deck 2.jpg
wood and aluminum spindles decking.jpg

Deck Blueprints

    All decks get a set of blueprints for permits and details for the journeyman carpenter to build. It doesn't matter how complicated the design the Deck blueprints make it easy for everyone to see a set design. With all decks in Calgary, Okotoks, and surrounding areas we will need permits. If your deck falls within the bylaw we only need a building permit. If we design a deck that fringes bylaw we will also need a development permit with added drawings. Permits can get scary if you are unaware of the bylaws but that's where we step in and take the stress off your shoulders. We work with the city to build better decks with the right plans, permits, and design we can make your dream deck a reality. We make sure when you decide to work with us you get the most professional experience the way it should be. From the professional estimate, blueprints, and trade members to material selection you know the experience will be great. Remember all drawings are custom to your estimate and every deck is designed for you.

Elevation Plan.jpg

Stairs and Landings

Deck stairs and landings are a necessity for most Deck renovations. Accessing the ground from the upper deck is extremely convenient not just for us but for our pets as well. We supply a few of the best spiral stair products in Canada from Canadian manufacturers. That's right "Canadian!" Galvanized dipped spiral stairs are sure to last a lifetime with amazing warranties. The galvanized stairs can be powder coated to match close to your home or deck materials. Hard to say "no" once you see how beautiful they can be. Spiral stairs also reduce property footprint so you can get them in tight areas with little room. see below as these are a couple styles we offer.

Gav Stairs 2.jpg
Gav stairs.jpg
Gav stairs 3.jpg
black spirl stairs deck 2.jpg
Black spirl stairs deck.jpg
deck and stairs 2.jpg
deck and stairs 3.jpg

Finished Beam and Column 

Finishing a beam in a smartboard, stucco, aluminum wrap, rock, or leaving the wood to paint can be a hard choice. The columns can be built the same way to match your ideas with countless designs and concepts. Belling the bottom of the columns is very popular as well. We can finish with cedar shakes and a premium stain. We can design your beam as a flush mount or underneath baring as the options are there for you to decide. We offer a 20-year vertical warranty on our paints. Yes, you read right with a written 20-year warranty! We also offer 7-year horizontal warranties also on our deck and paint stains.

cedar decking and columns.jpg

Whether you are deciding to resurface or build a whole new deck with elements like a pergola or enclosed space we can help you. We are some of the best deck builders that take pride in our work and love the process. Contact us to see how we can work together.

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