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pergola and brick cost renovation build.

Pergolas are one of our trademark builds. All backyard oasis are not complete till you have a pergola. Pergolas offer a large list of benefits besides being beautiful. We take pride in pergolas because our favorite pastime is just like yours as backyard BBQs are something to look forward to after a busy day. We have established pricing by the Sq/Ft or unit so there are no hidden costs. We figure out the size and style you want within your price range and leave the rest to us. We give 5-year installation warranties on all builds. We offer aluminum, Wood, Metal, and composite materials for your build. All materials come with advantages and disadvantages. You tell us what your needs are and we will recommend the best materials and design to meet your needs. Call us today for a free consultation of your ideas. 

Pergola and outdoor fireplace with stone
Cedar Pergola attached build.jpg

3 reasons to build a Pergola 

Pergolas add home value

Pergolas add value to your home in not just functionality and use but resale also. When your guests or future home buyer comes to your home your pergola becomes a conversation piece. When a home buyer comes to view your home they picture themselves dwelling within and around the home. Pergola as an added feature will intrigue the buyer of what could be a relaxing evening with family over a BBQ. A well-built pergola also adds functional living space to your home. 

Pergolas give shade in summer

Pergolas give shade in the summer when built right. The purlin spacing also plays a role in how much shade you'll get on those sunny days. Pergola rafter heights also play a factor in how much shade you'll receive on those hot summer days. Pergolas can be built with 1x2 slatted strips called purlins or decked with solid or clear sheet goods to protect your living area from rain and snow. There is endless options depending on your needs as you can attach outdoor pull down screens to block wind and sun on one side or all exposed sides of your pergola.

Pergola terminology.jpg

Pergola & Living Space

Pergolas give warmth and an inviting living space your family will gravitate to. Pergolas can be enclosed on one side or all sides halfway up the post or all the way up the posts for privacy. BBQs can be incorporated with outdoor furniture to make your new living space inviting. If you put a solid roof on your pergola then it becomes part of your Sq/Ft of your overall home Sq/Ft total. Adding lattice and growing vines on one side adds another element to your outdoor oasis.

Pro's and Con's with Pergola material selection

Pressure-Treated Wood Pergolas

Pressure-treated wood pergolas can be cheaper than all other options. Wood takes paint and stain well but will have to be re-stained or painted between 5-7 years. If you are going to stain or paint your pergola it's best to go with a solid stain as solid stains last longer against U.V damage, Heat of the summer, and cold of the winter. Wood pergolas are rustic and with the new pressure treated color, (sienna) it is so much more attractive than your green pressure treated that use to be years ago. Sienna coloring resembles cedar coloring so you can have a cedar-looking pergola for almost half the cost. One drew back with wood pergolas is sometimes the odd piece twists or cracks but that isn't a problem as it's easy to source materials at any hardware store to fix a piece the same day. For other materials, you might have to call the installer and pay a charge and wait for materials to be shipped first which could take weeks or even months.

Pergola wood 2.jpg
Pergola triangle wood.jpg

Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum pergolas are low in maintenance. Take the hose and a rag to them and they're clean. Aluminum is more expensive than wood but they are not the most expensive option. The aluminum comes with a wood grain pattern and the color options are very limited to white, brown, black, and cream. Aluminum doesn't hold up well to DIY paint jobs as within the year you'll have chipping or flaking. The designs are nice and there are a few styles to pick from. But custom pergolas that need to be built in a certain fashion may not be an option due to the limited cutting and shaping capabilities not like wood or fiberglass. 

Pergola options.jpg
Aluminum pergola.jpg
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