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Elevation Renovations specializes in basement renovations in Calgary, Okotoks, and surrounding areas. We have been renovating since the turn of the century and have the experience to take your living spaces to the next level. We are not a cut and dry take it or leave it, renovator. Persevering greatness we will team up with you to make sure you understand the process and we will work within your budget. You'll be glad you chose us for your renovator.


Renovating your basement essentially doubles your living space. Raising your home value and making your home more comfortable for the whole family. There are so many options when it comes to personalizing your basement development. Some renovate rooms like games rooms, gym, wet bars, theater rooms, additional bathrooms, or even more storage. Having a well-planned layout to serve all your functions into one well functioning living area. Incorporating style and warmth for a weekend or an evening away makes coming home a desire when at work or out all day. It's your space that you have customized to your hobbies and lifestyle whatever it may be. Nothing like getting home to watch a sporting event on a Saturday night or getting home to do arts and crafts in your warm and inviting crafts room. We can help you with your ideas with our professional in-home design prints so you can see and picture your ideas before you plunge into a remodel.

Games Room

Who doesn't love a good games room? Warm carpets combined with lots of light and earth-toned paints make this idea pleasing to anyone in the mood for a good board game. Games rooms are a great place for kids to play and while the adults do adult things or a Friday night family event. Games rooms serve more than just games rooms. A wall-mounted T.V above a stone electric fireplace makes for a dual-purpose living area. Adding a dartboard, pool table or Foosball table of whatever you enjoy makes your games room a wonderful idea anytime. We can help you design your living spaces to suit your needs and wants. 

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Basement bar.jpg


Considering ideas going into your newly developed basement wet bars are amazing to entertain with. Great place to serve food and drinks during a gathering of family and friends. Wet bars and cabinetry will enhance your basement and set your living space above and beyond. Wet bars and cabinetry conspire trend and focal curiosity among guests and family as the added beauty in your new development encourages relaxation and conversation. Wet bars do not have to be large to serve their purpose. Giving yourself enough room to serve drinks and food comfortably is key. Elevation Renovations has built countless wet bars and cabinetry in many homes over the years and not one customer was ever disappointed with the final results.

basement wet bar.jpg
Wet bar basement.jpg


Basement renovation or development will increase the size of your living space. You'll be able to add one or even two additional bedrooms. Adding a theater, Den, bar, bathroom, one-bedroom, and plenty of storage closets and shelves in under 900 Sq/Ft. Every bedroom has window code sizes that we have to follow with proper co2/smoke alarms, ceiling height has to be a minimum height also. When selling your home the added basement space will increase your home value by a lot. Room dimensions should be around 11 x 12 feet. The size of 11 x 12 helps fit everything into the space that's needed. You'll be able to fit your bed, dresser, end tables. Any smaller than 11 x 12 and it'll feel too cramped and you might have a hard time accommodating the space for furniture needed to complete the bedroom. With Elevation Renovations, we will draw a professional blueprint of your layout. We will change the layout until your happy. The estimate will be updated according to the blueprint. Let us show you what your space will look like with a detailed estimate.


Any renovation or development in your home will increase your home value. A clean and functional living space sells fast on the market. If someone views your home and see's all the spaces developed and functional it makes it an easier sale. No one seems to want a fixer-upper home unless they have a lot of time on their hands and are extremely handy. Elevation Renovations works with many realtors in and around the city and that is the number one turn off for a sale. A possible buyer walks in and thinks, " I don't want to fix all this stuff!" To put an exact number on your home value it would be best to leave a budget after your renovation or development to have a professional home evaluation. We also recommend leaving a budget for a good furnace cleaning. During the consultation, we will present the option of a home evaluation and a furnace cleaning. We have options for your permanent residence or your condo rental suite. You want to fix a rental condo that will be functional and low maintenance? Whatever your thoughts are we will give you an accurate market price for your renovation idea or repairs.


Basement developments start at around $25 dollars a Sq/Ft and go up from there. At $25 dollars a Sq/Ft you can finish your basement but you are limited to the finishing materials involved as when you get to the cheaper end of finishing there is less to pick from. Coming in around $30 dollars a Sq/Ft gives you a little more breathing room when it comes to finishing. At $30 dollars a Sq/Ft your basement will be beautiful but still limited to the finishing. You'll be able to put in a small bathroom, beautiful but nothing fancy. Most of your renovations or development costs come down to materials. Materials are a huge deciding factor when it comes to cost. Elevation Renovations uses special suppliers to offset the cost in a large way. Labor going into a renovation or development is pretty much fixed for the most part. It takes the same amount of time to install cheaper tile than expensive tile. What we do is offer contractor discounts to all customers. This helps us win jobs and you save money by not paying large overhead costs from the start. Contact us today for a free consultation.


So you have decided it is time to renovate your basement. You have gathered three quotes from three different contractors. Now you have the tough decision of deciding who will take on the work. First, you look at the prices of all three contractors. depending on your budget you eliminate the most expensive quote as that quote seems to far-fetched. You are left with two contractors now with pricing within your budget. One quote is detailed and has everything itemized and the other quote is lump-sum costs but isn't material labor itemized. You like the itemized quote so now you go over it writing down questions you want to ask when you call back to discuss the basement. During your call they answer all your questions, now the quote makes a lot more sense. You now check references and they seem all good. You have asked for proof of insurance and liability coverages. All seems good, right? The job starts and there is still a lot of unknowns just because you just didn't know. "How are you supposed to know right? They are supposed to be the experts." Everything is all good till it isn't. Keep reading to make sure you ask these questions.

Questions To Ask Your Basement Contractor

Do we need permits and how much does it cost?

Do you know the door sizes needed for each room?

In my basement bedroom is the window big enough to pass code?

How many fire alarms and co2 alarms do we need and will it be able to pass the city code?

Are your sub-trades certified and if they are can I have a copy of there insurance, liability and ticket numbers?

What are the chances of costs going over your estimated quote?

Do you have a warranty and what does it cover?

Is there a schedule and when can you start?

Can I change materials if i decide I'd rather have different materials? How do you handle the change and costs of this?

If there are unforeseen problems that will cost more during the renovation will you discuss with me first?

These are just a few questions you should ask your renovator before you decide. Everything is built off trust and you have to rely on them through the whole process. If something is unclear you have to ask the hard questions before you become unhappy. Elevation Renovations is very diligent every step of the process so there isn't missed items or issues that will jeopardize the trust built from customer to contractor. 

Basement Home Theater Remodeling

Everyone enjoys a good movie night or show once in a while. Building and renovating for a home theater is paramount to making your basement a go to destination for all thoughs special nights with your family and friends. Elevation Renovations has extensive theater knowledge and experience. We take great pride in building and setting up your movie theater. The construction can be tricky as to running wires in the walls to wireless speaker installation. Setting up a projector and screen hooked to a stationary electronics stand takes some computer tech knowledge mixed with building knowledge. Soundproofing a room with the proper acoustics is crucial for optimal sound. Soundproofing because there is a bedroom upstairs? Triple barrier acoustic soundproofing walls is key to a quiet home. We have the knowledge and experience to walk you through your ideas, wants and needs. We will show you what needs to be done and what market value costs are. Dialing in your Wall mount T.V or projector is key to getting the best quality out of your equipment. Lighting for ambiance adds to the atmosphere, Wall colors and decor make this living space a special place and a treat every time you enter the theater room. Call us today for your free in home consultation and let us show you what your space is capable of.


Bathroom in your basement

Serving Okotoks, Calgary, and surrounding areas we know city code. Plumbing and concrete are a large cost in a basement renovation. 90% of the time we are chipping concrete to reroute your plumbing, tub, and vanity to proper locations that just make sense within your layout. The large knockout lids in your concrete floor will show you one of two plumbing rough-ins. Your typical or nominally comfortable size is 8 x 5 feet but we can design your bathroom renovation as small as 4 x 5 feet. Some have the room and space to build a large bathroom in the basement with walk-in showers, steam showers, and soaker tubs.

An attractive inviting basement with a bathroom is great for resale when it's time to sell your home. No one wants a basement that is cold, smells funny, moisture, dark, no washroom. A basement renovation is a large investment but with large payoffs. A finished basement with a washroom becomes a second sanctuary if done right. You'll add all the features you want that the other floors don't offer. We will work with you to design a space that will give your home a fresh breath of air. Designing your own Bathroom renovation is exciting as there are no limits to a new basement bathroom. 

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