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Trex Composite decking materials

Trex Composite Decking

Trex composite decking offers 4 different grades which come at different price points and benefits. Trex offers premium grade to satisfactory grade decking materials. First to look at in the Trex line is their Trex Transcend, Earth tones, and Tropicals. Their Trex Transcend is their premium decking board option of the 4 but also comes in at a high price point compared to the others. Keep reading and let us help you pick the right application for your purpose.

Transcend Trex Decking colors.jpg
classic earth tones.jpg
Decking profile Treks Transend.jpg

Trex Select Enhanced Earth Tones

Trex select is next on the list as their middle-grade decking. Don't be fooled it is still a great decking material. From experience, this decking is just as good as Transcend series personally. Select Trex decking boards comes with the same warranties and is armor shelled from 3 sides just like their Transcend series. The only difference from the Transcend would be how they make the decking board in the factory and the internal composite materials used. As for pricing which comes in the middle area of their 4 series makes it a more affordable decking. They offer different colors within this decking material. Trex select offers five colors, just a few colors shy of the Transcend line.

Trex Select Earth tones.jpg
Trex Select Profile.jpg

Trex Select Enhanced Naturals

Trex select enhanced naturals are the same composite as Trex select enhanced earth tones but for design, and color selection. All composite Decking will be fastened to the joist either face side like traditional dimensional lumber or with hidden fasteners. We can install traditional lumber and face-mount decking with hidden fasteners as well as special decking tools. We will offer camo-hidden fasteners before an estimate is finalized. The Trex natural enhanced select has a fluted structure which some other options do not offer. Fluted composite has pros which we find are great for certain conditions. Fluted composite expels heat faster than traditional composite decking which makes it better suited on hot summer days. have you ever burned your feet on pavement? Fluted composite mitigates thermal heat. The fluted composite also mitigates expansion and contraction because it disperses heat so well.

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Trex select naturals.jpg
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