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House Renovations and Remodeling

Renovating parts of your home or all of it can be daunting to say the least. At Elevations Renovations we break the estimates down into sectional estimates. With your sectional estimates we can plan each project which could overlap or be sequenced back to back or at times when your budget seems fit. Large renovations can be expensive but doing sections at a time gives you time to space out your budget. You want to do your en-suite first then the kitchen? That is fine with us as we can concentrate on pieces of your renovation to make sure you have time to pick the best materials to complete your renovation.  Doing everything at once is a lot going on which you can do as well. Before work starts we will have a detailed estimate with all materials going into your renovations so you don't have to make on the spot decisions. This way you know what you are getting and there is no confusion or conflicts during your remodeling. 

You have many renovations to do but where do you start?

Well first, right a list of the things that need to be done around your home. During your consultation we will run through what needs to be done first in a practical functional sequence. We know you have to live in the home while the renovations are going on and the renovations can't interrupt your life in a way were you can't function on a daily bases. Consult with us for estimates and what we can do to make your renovations less painful and streamlined to fit within your routine.  

Setting a Budget

Setting your budget is critical to the projects you can accomplish and a level of craftsmanship. Nicer materials and the best craftsmanship cost more. Like anything the more time spent on anything you will have a better finished product. To pay for the life long skills of a tradesmen needed to do best quality work can be hard to come by for a reasonable price. Materials on the other hand can range greatly in prices and even if you have the best qualified trades to carry the work out the finished product won't turn out as nice as you expected. Cheap materials are defective in shape, color, and overall quality. Like the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." A budget renovation will have a budget outcome and to source cheap materials doesn't leave you with many choices. Choosing from the bottom of the barrel materials and the cheapest labor you can find will always show in the finished work. Nothing worse then sourcing the cheapest labor and materials thinking your getting a great deal then problems arise with your newly renovated space.  It is best to shoot for mid range materials and the best tradesmen or renovation company within your budget. With Elevation Renovations we work with you in your budget and bring this into perspective. Once you see a estimated cost we can start working on your finishing materials and labor to install.

Renovation Craftsman

Elevations Renovations craftsman work close with each other. With your renovation process and every step each trade member is informed on what has to be done. Any special features, problems, tasks of other processes are transparent and clear. All are trade members are kind and courteous with a high level of open transparency. The CEO of Elevations Renovations Michael Bouchard strives with strict guidelines and work practices to ensure each and every job goes smoothly through every step. Each trade member has been hand selected for punctuality, craftsmanship and professional standards which will not be match any where else. Each trade member comes with full licensing and are willing to go out of their way to answer questions related or unrelated to your project.

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