Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are paramount to any homeowner or renter. The deciding factor of a homeowner or renter when it comes down to buying or renting is high on their list. Resale value makes bathrooms and en-suites a prime space to start with first when deciding a renovation. Labor is pretty much set in cost as it takes the same amount of time to install high end tile or bargain bin tile. So when it comes to your renovation every penny counts and picking your materials is crucial to your bottom line budget. Elevation Renovations has special suppliers that only cater to a very select few contractors. Whatever you find at Rona, Home depot or any other Brick and mortar hardware store we can get cheaper. Keep reading to understand your transparency when working with Elevation Renovations.

Planning and Budgeting Your Bathroom Renovations

     There is a lot of planning that goes into a bathroom with features that are endless. Elevation renovation has packages that you can feel and see with a price breakdown. All finishing materials can be changed out before any step is finalized if you choose to do so. Did you know there is more then one way to waterproof a shower? I'm sure you know this already but did you know that there are countless ways to approach a waterproofed shower that will save more then half of a home depot waterproofing system?

Competitive Pricing

    Elevation renovations stays competitive and below market costs by offing other Premium products that saves you money. Elevation Renovations goal is to save you money while delivering a premium product. We have a certified warranty, 2 year and 10 year. With open communication and transparent estimates which can be upgraded or changed out at any time makes Elevation Renovations stand out from the rest. We are not a cut and dry take it or leave it renovation company. All decisions are made by you on the estimated budget, materials and time. We will help with material selection, budget, time and full job outlines from start to finish.

Bathroom Cost And What To Watch Out For?

     Bathroom renovations can cost a lot period. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive to renovate because of the craftsmanship and materials involved. If your stand alone shower is of normal size say 144Sq/Ft. Three walls and a floor in tile alone at $10 Sq/Ft is $1440 dollars. $10 dollars a Sq/Ft is on the cheaper side if you buy at Home depot. So $1440 is not including mortar, grout, sealer, labor, waterproofing, glass, shower pan, and fixtures. Kerdi shower pan run around $650 for your typical shower not including labor to install. Waterproofing starts at $450, mortar $100, Grout $100, Fixtures start at $300, Plumbing full day, tile work, clean up and design etc.You see how the expenses add up. Contact Elevation Renovations to see what we have to offer and what we can save you!

Estimating Your Bathroom Costs

     Hard to guess your bathroom renovation costs? Any renovation always ends up costing more for unforeseen expenses. At Elevation Renovations we break down the estimates so you can see where your money is going in an itemized quote at every step. This is best as you review your estimate we can make adjustments before you decide to take the plunge on your bathroom. "Get it? Haha." Lets say you want to change lighting or tile before we get to that point? Don't worry as we can change anything out of the estimate before work starts. If you change anything the current estimate will be updated to reflect the change. If you think its to much or the color isn't working we can discuss your options so you are never stuck on a hard decision. The work will never start on each step till your happy with the decision. Tile seems to be a large determining factor among other materials and installation costs. Sourcing tile for your bathroom renovation can be expensive and daunting. With are tile retailers and recommendations we can source exactly what you want for discounted pricing. 

Permits And City Requirements

     All work gets a city permit. The city can and will inspect the work before the next step of construction. When work is ready for inspection we call it in and in most cases within 48 hours the inspector's are in and out in less the 5 minutes. This is a sure guaranty that the work complies to all codes and things are done properly. On top of the inspection we give a 2 year 10 year warranty. You have no worries or doubts knowing your hard earned money has been spent wisely. Call or Email us today for a free estimate.

Bathroom Remodeling Problems

The Bathroom is a small space but can cause huge headaches. Here are a few pointers to watch out for during your bathroom renovations. Either a two piece bathroom or a full on-suite these problems will disrupt the flow of everyday life and make things a little harder till corrected or fixed. Worse yet these problems can turn into a compounded problem and cost a lot more then the initial situation currently. Listing below are ten items to watch for and evaluate your self or by a professional.


1. Poor Ventilation

Poor bathroom ventilation causes moisture and humidity to slowly take over all the materials within the bathroom. You won't notice right away but onset moisture daily will start to smell "musty." Surfaces will bubble or start to grow mold. This is detrimental to your health and everyone in the house hold. To solve this problem your bathroom cubic feet has to be determined and a proper ventilation system matched to the cubic feet needed. The ventilation system should be examined and installed by a professional. Elevation renovations offer warranties to any in-home renovations.We carry tools to test and evaluate your ventilation system. Moisture meters are also used to check behind walls and in all surfaces to make sure there isn't other damages we can't see. This is best as we can see and find problems before they happen to you. Make sure you let us know before your consultation so we can bring the tools and professionals to you so we can right up a proper estimate.

2. Leaking fixtures

Most can put up with leaking fixtures as a drip here and there maybe. Problem with this is it doesn't take much for the humidity to spike and cause mold and mildew issues. consulting a professional to fix these leaky fixtures is ideal as you don't want moisture problems which lead to other compounded problems which could cost thousands of dollars down the road in repairs.

3. Running toilet

Everyone has experienced this more then once. Your toilet water float will refill the water tank for a second every so often. This problem cost you on your utility bill every month. Hiring a professional to reset your float valve in your water tank is best to save money. Ask your plumber or renovator to show you how to prevent this so you can maybe fix it if the problem ever happens again.

4. Cracked or damaged tile

Cracked tile could be a multitude of problems. Problem with cracked till is if moisture is getting through to the back side of the drywall or sub-floor surfaces there could be rotten and mold mildew issues you can't see. We have seen countless issues you can't see from the surface but once the material has been removed there was expensive repairs and damage. Crack tile in the shower or wet areas of your washroom should be inspected immediately. If you don't address small issues it could compound into costs unforeseen and unexpected which could of been avoided all together.

5. Hard water

In Okotoks, Calgary and any surrounding towns we have a hard water issue. Hard water will scale and build up and prevent your shower and faucets to not work properly. It is wise to CLR once every 3-6 months to clean and get things flowing again. This is part of your maintenance as a home owner anyways. Home water softeners, or some call them Ion exchange units, are appliances that remove calcium, Magnesium, and other minerals from drinking water. The water softener traps calcium and magnesium then exchanges them for sodium or potassium minerals. 

6. Maintenance

Maintenance on your bathrooms is something a lot neglect. Make sure to check your tile, fixtures and weather seals now and then to make sure everything is up to snuff.  Sealing your tile is very important as this will prevent not just stains but moisture mold and mildew from taking over. Unsealed grout will wick up moisture and dirt as it'll act like a sponge. There are ways to clean this with professional cleaners and know how. The cleaners we use are professional grade and used by professionals but your in luck as most home hardware stores carry cleaners that work OK and will get the job done. Keeping up with maintenance is key to making sure your bathroom stays functional and working properly. 

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