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Finding a Renovation Contractor You Can Trust!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Deck Contractor hand shaking with client
Do you trust your Contractor?

Finding the right renovator is always a tough choice. Renovations can be expensive and we are always looking to find the right renovator we can trust that is budget orientated with good quality controls. By making a small check list you can simplify your search and ease the burden of making a choice. Knowing what you want in as much detail is very important as its best for you and the contractor quoting your renovation. If you have already wrote down your renovation list of wants and needs next is finding the right questions to ask your contractor before the work starts. Don't worry to much if you forgot something on your list as a good contractor will be able to fill you in on the missing criteria with materials, labor, time and money. A contractor that is cut and dry with very little questions from the start is not good. As a renovator knowing what the customer wants without forgetting any details is key for both parties. Forgetting details on design, cost, time, materials makes for bad reviews to unpaid contractors and unhappy customers. If you feel they are not asking enough questions then ask yourself, "should I trust this contractor?"  

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